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05 July 2011

Wishful Thinking: Backyard Theaters and Tree-houses

Hope everyone had a great 4th! We watched the Fair Park fireworks from the rooftop of the historic John E.Mitchell Building in Deep Ellum. Great view of the fireworks and downtown!

 Mitchell Building

If anyone cares, here is a brief history of the Mitchell Building: It was built in 1928 for the John E. Mitchell Company (founded in 1900), which was a manufacturing firm, and through the years made automobile and truck air conditioners and the ICEE soft drink machine, though it started as a cotton gin. During WWII, the plant made artillery shells and missiles for the US Navy. The company folded in 1981 and the building became a refuge for musicians and artists. In 1995, the city had to close the building because of code violations. Pan American Capital renovated the building into 79 loft homes, with Architect Ron Wommack designing the renovation, in 1999.

Mitchell Co. employees at work during WWII.

Back on topic...I've always wanted a backyard theater and a tree-house minus I don't even have a backyard. I have been digging up photos of what I would want my dream outdoor theater and tree house to look like. The only thing lacking in the outdoor theater photos are hammocks.

Here is a little eye candy...


Now for the tree-houses...

Boom Shaka Laka,

Amy B.