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22 August 2011

Art of Kinetik

Design inspirations can come from many art forms. It’s nice to look at different types of beauty to freshen things up. It's also fun to learn about different types of design. 

When someone describes their vision for a home, words that you'll hear are aesthetic, timeless, balance...

Photos from Art of Kinetik

Art of Kinetik is based in Belgrade, Serbia, where research and development, including the design, naval architecture and engineering is being done to create a new class of luxury yachts ranging from 10 to 30 meters long. The yachts are made of mahogany, teak, stainless steel and leather to create floating pieces of art.

It was hard to find much information about the company, since most of the press they’ve received is in French-, Italian-, and Russian-printed publications. But these pictures are worth a thousands words. These yatchs are best appreciated through visualization.

However, I did find a press release that talks about their use of wood in the creations.

Why wood? One can talk about wood for hours. Wood is ultimately a material that is beautiful, noble and timeless. When it comes to boats, wood has numerous technological, functional , structural and aesthetic qualities that none other can match. Structurally, wood is a material that has a very good weight to strength ratio. It naturally does not fatigue over time like metals. Wood also naturally absorbs sounds and vibrations, so it provides a uniquely comfortable and luxurious ride. Finally for us wanting to make floating pieces of art, wood being a timeless material was the only natural choice

The company was formed at the end of 2007 with private funding by four friends, the oldest being 42. They saw an opening into the market--and happened to be wealthy enough to invest in-- modern styled wooden yachts. The yachts aren’t just for looks either. Each one has 2 Rolls Royce jets that reach speed of 45 knots and each yacht requires 8-10 months to build from the time of purchase.

The thing is, in order to even see these boats in real life, you'd have to be in the Mediterranean, or have quick access there. These babies can be found in Port Montenegro, next to the Adriatic sea where European and Russian billionaires are purchasing homes.

Montenegro, with a population of about 670,000, is a country roughly the size of Connecticut that achieved independence only in 2006. With its boundless mountains that drop straight into the Adriatic, Montenegro is, as Lord Byron once declared, very much the “most beautiful merging of land and sea.”

A "Hedonist", the yacht's name, being shipped to the Adriatic Sea

Adriatic Sea

And the guy who heads up the company, Art of Kinetik? Boris Ivanovic…

Yes, sometimes it’s good to see something unexpected…



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