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21 July 2011

How do you use rustic elements in your home? Like this.

While my eyes seem to be resting on all spaces mixed with rustic and minimalism, I want to introduce an Austin, Texas architect.

Mell Lawrence of Austin, Texas

…not to be confused with the dramatic but lovable Martin Lawrence Bullard of Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators.

Mell Lawrence is an award-winning architect who restores and builds homes around Austin. 

While Austin still has neighborhoods mixed with cottages and bungalows, the young and wealthy are frequently adding McMansions along the lakes and around town. Not Lawrence. His aesthetic style seeks to honor the best of timeless building traditions.

Lawrence is one of the architects on the scene providing contemporary updates with balance by keeping close to nature. He manages to keep the modern soft, by including wood, concrete, stone, and metal. His homes feature established Texas limestone and wrought iron.  

Things I love about this photo: concrete surface, casement windows and pendant lights

All above photos are Lawrence architecture/ David Peese interior design

Of his creative process, he says, “Be fearless about trying ideas, then edit with a mighty sword.” I really like this. 

A quintessential Texas porch! I appreciate rustic elements, so much...everyone should!

 And look at this bathroom.

And this one!

Notice the stone walls and concrete tub.

To learn more about Lawrence, visit his Q&A session at Remodelista or view his website, Architectural Polka.


  1. What a beautiful space! I’m totally enchanted with the whole look and design. And yes, the rustic elements gave the design a very interesting touch. The place looks rough but in a gorgeous way. What I love the most is the 5th photo. The combination of casement windows, concrete surface and pendant lights is very lovely and appealing.