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12 October 2011

Fashion Meets Decor- Mixing Patterns & Mayer Hawthorne

First things first... Mayer Hawthorne's new album, "How Do You Do," came out yesterday!  If you haven't heard Mayer then you haven't lived! If you like Motown you will love him...and who doesn't like Motown?  This fellow started out as a hip hop head/DJ who became sick of paying sampling fees so he began creating his own songs to sample. Peanut Butter Wolf, owner of Stones Throw Records (best label ever and home of other great artist such as J Rocc, James Pants, The Step Kids, Aloe Blacc, et cetera et cetera), got a hold of these 2 songs and pretty much signed him on the spot.  The agreement was that he had to transform himself into a retro, falsetto head and make a whole album of the same style of music as these two songs (not hip-hop).  I could go on and on but point of the story is...go pick up his album at your local record store! Grab his album, "A Strange Arrangement," while you are there! or just download them on iTunes...

Article by FILTER Magazine about Mayer Hawthorne and The County:

Also, I started following The Polaroid Story blog yesterday. This girl is the bee's knees. Her name is Ouni and she is a Belgian model/ Polaroid photographer. She basically travels around taking polaroids of her favorite artists...most of them being hip-hop artist. I want her life! Her most recent story is about her travels to Paris for Fashion Week in attempt to get a polaroid of Kanye.  The catch is the artists have to be still (posing for the camera) in order for the polaroids to come out!  Here is the story she did on Mayer:

Okay now to the mixing and matching...

Here are 3 easy steps for mixing and matching patterns in home décor (I wish I could have Pepe the King Prawn narrate these to make it more interesting):

1.       Make sure to use patterns from the same color scheme. Okay? You want to choose at least one color that appears in each pattern.

2.       Use various sizes and styles.  Instead of using all stripe patterns try mixing floral, stripes, checks, animal prints, etc. I recommend using process of elimination and trial and error. Okay? Take samples homes and mix and match each pattern/color until you come up with your favorites. By varying the scale of patterns you add interest and variety along with balance.  A good mix should include small, medium and large scale patterns. “You should have one big statement pattern and then mix smaller patterns around it. I like to have one big amorphous thing—either a toile or an iKat —and then mix it up with a smaller scale geometric. That creates a nice tension; you have both movement and structure, and they help balance each other.” – Amanda Nisbet
3.       Ground your patterns by adding large elements of solid color to the mix.  Think rug, sofa or wall color. 

These rules can be applied when mixing prints in fashion as well.   Remember to look for colors that complement each other well and patterns that pair well together.  Stripes work well with most geometric patterns. Try pairing floral with stripes or animal print with stripes. Also, stripes and polka dots work well together.  If you are feeling extra bold, try floral on floral. Okay?

Fashion Exhibits:

Mayer Hawthorne has mixing and matching prints down.  He's got more soul than a sock with a hole!

Rachel Bilson- Love the bold red pants and floral top paired with leopard print shoes. I want to mimic this ensemble.

Decor Exhibits:

Halloween Costume for K-9 Exhibit:

Off Topic...but this is the best Halloween costume for a K-9 ever!
Amy B.


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