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05 August 2011

Approaching "Timeless Design"

Faint blue walls with gold toned furniture and accents. The wall color is close to Benjamin Moore, Stone White. Source

How do budget-conscious, young women decorate their homes today so that in 10, 20, or 35 years, we’ll still LOVE it?

·         Hire a designer?
·         Only purchase classic antiques or reproductions?
·         Splurge only on trendy accent pieces like rugs and pillows?

Since decorating styles cycle, it may be impossible to create a timeless home that won’t eventually bore you or require updating.

A timeless look by Jeff Harr Photography

Right now, trending styles include gray and whitewashed color schemes with European influences….been to Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware lately? What's interesting is that the 'hot' furniture right now includes antique replicas, or reproductions.

...and I LOVE this trend.

So, if your home reflects your personal style, you’ll love it.

But personal aesthetics change. Will this white-washed look remind everyone of the 2010s in 2040?

Really, there’s no way to stay safe from evolving styles, patterns, and fabrics…especially if you naturally enjoy decorating. After all, isn’t it “the hunt” that makes decorating so fun!?

A rule of thumb is to change out the textiles, paint, and accessories every 10 years to keep your home fresh.
Designed by Kathryn Ireland of Million Dollar Decorators

But, it is possible to have a home which only requires tweaks…if it’s filled with antiques....

Antiques…never go out of style.

Antiques or reproductions can really ground and warm-up a room. They give homes a level of sophistication. I love wood furniture and interesting wood grains. Most antique reproductions are solid, inviting, and comfortable. They can handle wear and tear. You can also have your antique furniture professionally painted, if you wish!

Room designed by Miles Redd

The use of antiques in the room above make it hard to tell what period it was created in...The lines in the antique furniture give it that everlasting grace. This room is a bit formal for my tastes, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't find similar pieces, like the rug, the chest on the back wall, or the lamps.  Antique furniture doesn't have to be this dressy...see more below.

John Saladino

Another way to design your home so it stays fresh-looking is by cleanly mixing styles, like modern and classical. Darryl Carter is a newer designer who has received attention for his ability to put seemingly unrelated items in a room to create comfort. 

This small space is so interesting! Antique chairs, mirror, round table, and weathered doors mixed with contemporary coffee tables
Darryl Carter, Simon Upton Photography

Darryl Carter Design in Elle Decor. Even though this room is so interesting, it holds classic pieces.

Mid-century furniture is hot right now...but be careful of purchasing more than a few pieces for your house. Filling an entire home with period-pieces won’t achieve ‘timeless and traditional.' 

Source. This room feels cold and sterile to me. Are the owners of this home going to appreciate the style for 30 years to come?

Look at these next photos...can you guess when they were photographed?
Timeless and traditional, warm and elegant. Photo from Pinterest.

You or I could guess, but we may be surprised.

What do you think? Is antique furniture something you would purchase today?

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